“What’s Next” Positions Bronco Student-Athletes for Success in NIL Era

29 Nov 2021 | 11:16 | Tennis

BOISE, Idaho – Following the passing of Name, Image and Likeness legislation by the NCAA, Boise State Athletics announced the launch of its What’s Next programming, which sets Bronco student-athletes up for success in a new era of collegiate athletics.

“We have been preparing for the passing of NIL legislation for several months,” Boise State Director of Athletics Jeramiah Dickey said. “The student-athlete experience has been and always will be the highest priority for our department, and we will constantly and consistently seek new opportunities to positively impact what we are able to provide the young men and women who choose to become Broncos.

“Today’s legislation, which falls in line with what we have been anticipating, is going to allow us additional opportunities to do so. From resources to assist our student-athletes in building their brands, to financial literacy education and a platform to assure our process falls in line with meeting national guidelines, Bronco student-athletes are positioned to capitalize on the opportunities that will present themselves right out of the gate on July 1. I am proud of what we have put together, and am excited for What’s Next.”

This past March, Boise State became the first member of the Mountain West to partner with INFLCR department-wide and add the INFLCR NIL Suite to manage NIL.

Boise State was also the first program in the country to utilize TeamAltemus to bring a complete set of NIL resources to help empower student-athletes with knowledge and tools to protect their NIL and the money generated from it, while equally prioritizing branding education.

Earlier this week, Boise State Athletics announced the final piece of its NIL programming for Bronco student-athletes, partnering with NOCAP Sports to assist the Broncos’ compliance office in monitoring NIL opportunities and assuring they meet the requirements of national guidelines.

The three pillars of the Broncos’ comprehensive NIL programming, entitled What’s Next, sets student-athletes up for success during their time at Boise State, but also for their time after graduation and beyond:

The Broncos’ multi-year, department-wide partnership with INFLCR leverages the company’s digital platform, mobile app and dedicated NIL Suite team in providing student-athletes with the resources to build their brands and prepare for NIL opportunities.

Boise State’s staff, with assistance from INFLCR’s NIL Services team, have collaborated to create a robust program in which student-athletes are equipped with the tools, content, financial literacy and more to compete in the NIL marketplace.

Bronco student-athletes across all varsity sports will be able to access the content provided by the communications, digital, video and graphics staff, delivered through INFLCR, to effectively communicate their story and execute a custom NIL strategy.

After the fact, Boise State student-athletes will be able to measure, assess, and analyze data with the educational tools at their fingertips to continue to develop the best personal brand possible.

TeamAltemus, in collaboration with Anomaly Sports, is the only firm that brings unbiased expertise in protective education to student-athletes. This education, along with TeamAltemus’ third-party vetting and ongoing monitoring technology is the most comprehensive offering to protect student-athletes.

TeamAltemus and Anomaly will conduct workshops department wide. Student-athletes will learn how to account for and pay taxes, budgeting, best structures for their businesses, contracts and due diligence, in addition to many other topics. Bronco student-athletes are already engaging in educational workshops, assuring they stay connected to their goals with every NIL decision they make and every action they take.

To ensure full knowledge transfer and retention, student-athletes will access the complete TeamAltemus and Anomaly library of information through the TeamAltemus app on their phones. They can participate in a three-to-five-minute microlearning session to refresh their memory or access a replay of a full workshop. They will receive push notifications to remind them to track information for taxes and other required reporting, remind them when it’s time to prepare taxes and other helpful information.

NOCAP is an unbiased and open platform that athletes and schools can use without any contracts or fees while ensuring there is no conflict of interest and no institutional involvement. The platform automates the monitoring of NCAA and university compliance rules to proactively protect every athlete’s eligibility and eliminate the compliance and documentation burden for everyone involved.