Welsh fans launch bid to take Dafydd Iwan’s Yma O Hyd to number one

12 Jun 2022 | 08:05 | Football

A campaign has been launched to bring Dafydd Iwan’s popular Welsh folk song Yma O Hyd to number one in the UK singles chart. Nearly 33,000 fans sang along to the famous patriotic anthem as Iwan performed it twice while Wales qualified for the World Cup in Qatar.

Legendary and former singer Plaid Cymru Politicians raise the roof at Cardiff City Stadium before and after Wales won 1-0 against Ukraine on Sunday and now fans want to see the song top the charts. Iwan, who is from Carmarthenshire but currently resides near Caernarfonwas an extremely popular figure in Wales.

Yma O Hyd, originally released in 1981, tells the story of how Welsh language and a culture that has existed for more than 2,000 years before all troubles. The song became an unofficial national anthem for Wales national team as they qualified for the nation’s first World Cup since 1958.

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The campaign was started by Welsh fan Andrew Dowling, who explained the reasoning behind the attempt to get the song to number one. He said: “Dafydd Iwan is a Welsh legend and the song has a lot of power in the current context of what’s going on in England and most importantly in Wales right now, politically and sports.

“The song has long been an iconic song and will be for future generations thanks to Wales qualifying for the World Cup and young people listening to his music. The bond between people. Wales fan and the song is very powerful.

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“You can see the passion in Dafydd’s eyes as he sings it – he gets it, we got it and future generations will get it. We’re still here, fighting for the language. language and the right to become an independent nation.”

The song is currently at number 15 on the iTunes chart less than a day after the campaign. You can download the song for 79p on the iTunes website.