Djokovic’s great legacy tarnished

15 Jan 2022 | 04:35 | Tennis

Not waiting for the scandal in Australia, Novak Djokovic always causes division in the emotions of fans. Now, his legacy is even more complicated.

Nole’s visa was cancelled. The decision of Australia’s Immigration Minister Alex Hawke on January 14 became a strong blow to the world’s number one tennis player, who is sharing the table with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal with 20 Grand Slams.

The ticking of the clock was becoming the most hated sound to Nole. The opening day of the Australian Open 2022 is approaching. As long as Djokovic’s lawyers cannot successfully appeal to his client, the Serbian tennis player is further away from the milestone of conquering a new record, which is becoming the player to win the most Grand Slams.

Djokovic is still uncertain about his ability to attend the Australian Open 2022. Photo: Reuters .

Djokovic is still uncertain about his ability to attend the Australian Open 2022. Photo: Reuters .

The eccentric guy of the village of banh felt

Not only Djokovic, the Australian Open 2022 is also strongly affected by Mr. Hawke’s ruling. With the legendary Roger Federer unable to attend this prestigious court due to injury, Djokovic and Nadal became the most watchable names.

If Djokovic is expelled, this year’s Australian Open will lose value. Fans come to the field because they want to see the stars, who can create many impressive balls. Nole is among them.

Many critics even came up with the idea of ​​”Saving the Australian Open 2022″. They want to bring this tournament to another country, which welcomes and accepts Djokovic, who is “anti-vaccination”.

However, the world will not stop moving because of one person. Without Djokovic, the Australian Open 2022 is still going on. Nole’s scandal is not yet known, but one thing is certain that this player’s legacy will be tarnished.

In the world of felt-ball, few characters create as much emotional division as Djokovic. He embodies a tennis player with a strong physical foundation, incredible endurance and resilient spirit. The Serbian star also never surrendered to difficulties.

Djokovic loves very much. And there are many people who hate him. Nole is often accused of using tricks in competition. He even “exaggerated” the injury to give himself more time to rest, thereby reducing the excitement of the opponent.

Like many other tennis players, Djokovic has unruly behavior on the court, with many racquet smashes. He was even disqualified at the US Open 2020 after carelessly smashing the ball into the referee.

Tennis is an aristocratic sport. Because of that, people don’t like Djokovic. Compared to Federer and Nadal, Nole is always behind in popularity. At the Australian Open, Djokovic still has a loyal fan base, which is the Serbian community living in Melbourne.

But if Djokovic is allowed to play at the first Grand Slam of the year, then from the stands, polarization will emerge. Alongside the cheers of the crowd will be boos. In the midst of the crowd, hostility mixed with love.

Nothing in this world is absolute. When Djokovic got into trouble in Australia, many people still supported him. Even, there are still many opinions in favor of Nole, even though he appeared with a certificate of medical exemption. However, after what happened in the past 24 hours, Djokovic seems to have lost an important point in the match with the Australian government.

Djokovic's scandal opens the 2022 felt ball season. This is something no one wants. Photo: Reuters .

Djokovic’s scandal opens the 2022 felt ball season. This is something no one wants. Photo: Reuters .

What awaits Djokovic?

If he cannot attend the Australian Open 2022, it will take Djokovic a few more months to hope to win the 21st Grand Slam of his career, with the next one being the French Open. French Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu announced that Nole will be playing in the tennis tournament in their country.

Djokovic can completely write a new chapter on the ladder of conquering greatness. He was still prolific, playing ageless tennis. Not many people can stop Nole on the field. However, the issue of visas in the countries that Djokovic sets foot in is becoming a big barrier for him.

The rapid spread of the Omicron variant is expected to change the rules for unvaccinated people. Minister Roxana Maracineanu “gives the green light” to Djokovic, but French President Emmanuel Macron has just attracted attention when he announced that he will limit many social rights of people who have not been vaccinated.

“For the unvaccinated, I really want to disturb them,” Macron told Le Parisien newspaper . Could this be a hint for future changes to France’s immigration issues?

After the French Open is Wimbledon. The UK has strict rules for people entering. They are forced to be tested for Covid-19 continuously for many days, plus a 10-day quarantine at a place of their choice. At this point, Djokovic will probably look to rent a house with a backyard where tennis practice.

America with the US Open could become a more “breathable” destination for Djokovic. However, the law in New York states that people who have not been vaccinated will not be able to participate in activities in shared indoor spaces.

In case rain occurs when the US Open 2022 takes place, the stadium will be required to close the roof. If so, what will the organizers do with Djokovic? Things are definitely complicated.

For a player who has won 20 Grand Slams, all must be respected. Djokovic deserves it. Even if he can’t become the person who has pocketed the most Grand Slams, Nole is still the greatest star of all time.

However, sport is not just about titles. Djokovic will go down in felt ball history as the player who created the most divisions and complications.

In a sense, Nole likes to be seen as the “false enemy” of Federer and Nadal. A symbol of intense desire to win. But the Serbian tennis player not only attracts fans by his greatness, but also many controversies and arguments related to vaccines. Nole also drew everyone’s attention by making many strange scientific arguments, leading to his going against the world in fighting the Covid-19 epidemic.

Once, Nick Kyrgios called Djokovic “a very strange cat”. This is probably not wrong. Speaking of Nole, it’s a talented but eccentric tennis player. The creator of a great legacy, but also somewhat tarnished.